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Andrea Coli Speaks Branding

My Design Process

Andrea Coli is an inspirational speaker located in the San Francisco Bay Area. After chatting with Andrea for a few minutes, you quickly realize that she’s not your typical speaker. I worked with Andrea developing a variety of logo designs for her, until the image she wanted to represent became clear. 


Andrea has an interesting combination of backgrounds. She was an Improv Comedian working with The Second City on the Las Vegas strip. However, Andrea also has a theology degree from Fuller Theological Seminary. I took inspiration from the logos of both those organizations.


I started with a script font, Olivier, for her name. This shows that she is life-like and relatable with this organic typeface. I picked a bold serif font, Utopia, for "Speaks" to show the structure of the topics she shares. The orange dot on the "i" is a hint at her up-beat, funny personality!

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

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