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Typography Recipe Book

My Design Process

My last semester at Ohlone College, I was tasked with designing a recipe booklet completely made up of type. We were encouraged to use family recipes or recipes that highlight our culture. I chose my mother's classic apple pie recipe because it is a family staple at every holiday meal.

I chose shades of brown to reflect the golden colors of the crust and apples as the pie bakes. The beginning of the book starts off simple and clean then transitions to a golden brown. When you move to the center spread you see all the words that describe the pie- in the shape of a pie. At the end of the book you see a couple words representing the crumbs left over as the color transitions back to white. My mother truly took pieces of other recipes to make it her own. So, I included her handwriting in her recipe book to show her years of process.

Tools used: Adobe InDesign

Middle Spread.jpg
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