Hi! I'm Katie and I love to create.

Whether that’s creating community or creating the perfect graphic for a client, I’m there for it! Ever since I was young, I enjoyed anything artistic. I spent hours playing on paint (yes, that paint program) making the best screen saver for my family computer (because yes, in the 90’s we didn’t all get our own computer let alone device). My parents even signed me up for art classes, encouraging my creativity.


Fast forward to today and you’ll see me sketching on my iPad, caring for my (way too large) collection of succulents, and playing with my Formosan mountain mutt, Champ. I’m still creating. But maybe in different ways than you’d typically expect.


I’m creating digital art that might someday surface from my personal archive. I’m creating life by propagating plants and ensuring that their needs are taken care of. I’m creating fun and memories that will last long after my dog gets too old to play. To live is to be creative.


My goal in life is to create meaningful connections with others so that we can leave this world better than we found it. Vague, huh? Well, that’s the truth. I’m not too picky on the particulars. I know with my skill sets in design, I get to hear other’s stories. How they had an idea for a company, conference, or something bigger. I get to see their passion bubble over. And I know that I can be but a stepping stone to their dream coming true. And that’s world changing- for the better!