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Lead Bold Branding

“Lead Bold is a leadership community of women in ministry who support, resource, encourage, and challenge one another to live fully into who God is calling them to be.” -Lead Bold Website


This community started as a conference in 2019. A group of women, who are leaders in their own communities wanted to create a place for female leaders to come together and talk about their own unique challenges.


They asked me to design a logo and website for them. They wanted something that appealed to women but wasn’t super feminine. They also wanted me to steer clear of a corporate look. I gave them a handful of designs and they picked one similar to the final product. They asked for raspberry hues but found they were in love with the orange and yellow gradient. 


The circle around the words, “Lead Bold” isn’t perfect, with its jagged edges but it starts out large and strong. As the circle moves around the words it starts to thin out. This represents a leader’s journey. It starts out strong, you’re motivated. But as time goes on, your energy is depleted and your cup is not so full. Lead Bold is a community where you can come to get that cup filled up again.


My goal for the Lead Bold website was for it to be a welcome mat to this community. It’s clean, easy to navigate, and welcoming. Women from all over the west coast visit this site to look for upcoming meetings and news. 


Visit the Lead Bold website here.


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator, Procreate for the iPad Pro, and Wix website builder

Website Design


Social Media Design

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