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Eichler Poster


Tools used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

My Design Process

Joseph Eichler was an American real estate developer in the mid- 20th century. He was revolutionary in creating mid-century modern track homes in California. He was a pioneer in making sure there was equal opportunity in housing.


In my final year at Ohlone College, I was assigned to make a poster showcasing Joseph Eichler’s career and designs. Going through all of the original Eichler colors, I landed on this beautiful teal. Learning about Eichler’s homes, I knew I wanted to highlight their airy feel with this color. 


These homes were meant to make you feel like you lived in nature by including features like atriums and large windows. But they also drew people from the outside in when it’s dark out and the lights shine through the windows. I chose the center photo to give the feel of looking into the house. It can be an inviting feeling.


I included one of Eichler’s floor plans on the bottom of the poster to give a fuller understanding of what these homes look like as well as adding texture.

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