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Calling Intention

My Design Process

This project involved determining my calling intention. A calling intention is the question you ask yourself when seeking the focus of your life’s work. What is your passion? Well, mine is creating community amongst women:


"How can I create reciprocal relationships with women so that we can embrace our caring, creative, and conscious potential?"


This project was an assignment in my senior portfolio class at SJSU. The only requirement was that it must include a calendar.


This assignment was to make a poster that highlighted my calling intention. Part of the process was to find a word to focus on. I started looking at the word, “embrace.” Trying to visualize that in a more abstract way proved to be a challenge for me. So instead, I changed my focus to the word “women” and it transformed my whole concept. 

The Glasgow Four, Scottish artists that transformed Art Nouveau at the turn of the twentieth century, used the color white to mean “inspiration.” I wanted the woman’s figure to be white showing that inspiration is within her. I made the woman’s figure the texture of canvas to highlight that she is a masterpiece. I chose analogous colors found in nature for her hair to show that she is still growing. Her hair is flowing away to highlight the way women give to their communities and families.

Tools Used: Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop

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