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Reductive Artichoke Design

My Design Process

Reductive design is taking away as much of that design as you can, taking care so that it’s still identifiable.


My second semester at Ohlone College, we focused on the process of creating a reductive image. I chose to focus on an artichoke. My first task was to draw an artichoke and make it into a reductive icon. I then added typography and changed the perspective to focus on different aspects of this design. 


When we perfected those first two tasks, we were able to create a poster with one chosen color as well as black and white. I chose a light purple to represent that artichokes start out as purple thistles. In the infographic poster, I blew up my reductive artichoke drawing to create an airy texture. I didn’t want to show my reductive design in full so that an image of an artichoke and the word artichoke didn’t create redundancy. I included an origin map, diagram, as well as a short paragraph about artichokes.

Tools used: Adobe Illustrator

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